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Todd Reichenbach - Resume

2561 San Clemente Ave, Alhambra CA 91803


  • Over 13 years of extensive experience in strategically leading, developing, and delivering organizational readiness strategies for complex, often contentious environments. Interfacing with all organization levels, from corporate officers to front line, represented employees, to gain leadership and stakeholder engagement. Strategic focus included leadership alignment, employee engagement, communications, training, capability development, and implementation/sustainment components. Strong presentation and communication skills. Effectively utilizing a network of operational business leaders. Solid success in leading and developing teams in implementing technology and process related initiatives. Effectively managed all aspects of the project lifecycle from identifying opportunities, scoping, planning, budgeting, vendor management, implementation, and transition management. Extensive experience in developing business solutions impacting process, people and technology. Successful track record of utilizing subject matter experts to identify and improve existing processes, including process ownership structure and process measures.


  • I want to join a firm that allows me to utilize my experience in change management to develop strategic approaches to building change management capabilities within client organizations

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Edit Me, LLC

Examplesville, MD

Editor In Chief

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October, Now

Changeable Incorporated

Examplesville, MD

Mover & Shaker

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Mutable University

Exampleville, MD

Bachelors of Science with a focus in Editing Resumes

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